Walking Alone Is Not Truly Alone…

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We all have them, whether it consists of us having brothers and sisters, being a single child, being with both parents, divorced parents. Some say blood is thicker than water, and that families should and need to stick together. But then there are those families that cannot stick together, those that are falling apart, where troubles and where love is lacking. Who can you turn to when your family isn’t there for you? Where can you get that love from a father? The love of a mother? The love of a sibling?

Turn towards God for all that you need. He is our eternal father, He is the one always watching over you, helping you, protecting you; He is the one that always loves you. When your friends and family cannot help, or when you feel that no one loves you, turn to God and feel His love. If you have a family that isn’t filled with love, reach out to God and ask for His love to overflow through you into your family members. Seek God and pray that He becomes the centre of your family, and that His love is always present among you.

When our family is God centred, we can overcome many things. Being a God fearing family, a family of faith, a family of surrender; God will use your family for many things. Those who are experiencing trouble and are wondering why God has done that or why is He allowing my family to break apart; take a step back for a second. Maybe it is just an obstacle where it makes you rely on God and makes you seek God. Maybe is it a situation where God wants to work through you but you are more focused on yourself and your emotions.

God loves you so much and I was just reminded of it this past Sunday. During the worship at my church, I was impressed with a vision of us (people) standing alone on a beach watching the most beautiful sunset, with the most amazing colours we could imagine. And then a voice spoke “I who have created all that is beautiful have also created you. What more can I do for your problems? I have more reasons to love you than the number of grains of sand on earth. Don’t focus on the negative things about you, for I have hundreds of reasons that go against it. All your problems whether it be health, finance, relationship, emotional, etc, give them up to me and I will raise you up. I will lift you up from where you are and I shall make you strong and give you rest.”

This shook me and made me realize that God loves me so much, and that I take His love for granted. He is our Father, the father that watched us, that teaches us, the father that helps us when we fall, even the father that disciplines us. We are disciplined not because it is to make us sad or feel bad about ourselves. But we are disciplined by our father because He cares for us; He does it to teach us, so that we can learn how to do things, and why do it like that.

I shouldn’t focus on negative things, I shouldn’t bring myself down, I shouldn’t let the attacks of the enemy win over me. Instead I should focus on God’s love, His unfailing love, His amazing love, His eternal love. Though I may stumble and walk away from God at times, God still loves me. Like the prodigal son, when the youngest son went away he thought that his father would not love him anymore because of what he had done. But upon his return, he saw that his father was on the look out for his return, and that the father didn’t care about what the son did, but was just overjoyed that his son had returned.

God is like that also, when we turn away from God it doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us anymore. It just means that God still loves us the same, and He is just now keeping an eye out for us when we come back to Him. Our longing to be with God cannot compare to God’s longing to be with us. When we walk away or stray off the path, God is always waiting for us, waiting for us to return to Him and be with Him.

God’s love is so amazing, and we shouldn’t take it for granted. At the same time, God’s love is not just for us, it is for everyone to experience and to have. Those that have experienced God’s amazing love should share it to others. It is not something we keep to ourselves, it is for us to give to others. If we get to experience God’s amazing love, why can’t other people? Being a follower of God means we also share God, through our actions, through our words, through our thoughts; we share God to our family, to our friends, to our co-workers, to everyone.

When you fall in love with someone, you always want to spend time with them, you always want to talk to them, you always want to see them. Why can’t it be that way with God? There are times when we say we love God, but end up limiting it to church or just a few hours or something. Why can’t we love God like He loves us, unrelenting and unlimited. We shouldn’t confine our time to love God to just a few hours on a Sunday or a few hours spread among the week. We should do it everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of our life.

If you are having a hard time sharing to others, like strangers, start within the family. Share God to those family members who haven’t encountered God yet. Pray for those members so that they may experience God’s love. Lift them up to the Lord so that they may witness God’s love for them. Show God’s love through your actions and words. Every step might be hard, but just remember that God is always with you, He will help you when you need it, He will give you the knowledge, He will give you the words. Allow God to use you as a vessel for His great plan; just have the faith in God and know that He would not do anything to harm you. Abide in Him and He will abide in you; love Him for He already loves you so much.


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